Capcom trying to right ship, introduce more DLC

It used to be that once you bought a game and played through it, that’s all there was to it. Thanks to the invention of downloadable content though, that’s no longer the case. And it doesn’t just benefit the fans either; developers can use it to make an extra few bucks without worrying about shipping, manufacturing and other selling expenses. That’s why in order to rebound from a rough quarter, Capcom plans on expanding on its paid online services.

Once a game has been purchased, it’s not the end,” CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto says. “It’s essential that we create a system to get players playing for a long time.”

Capcom has already shown signs of implementing this plan by supplementing Dead Rising 2 with the downloadable prologue, Case Zero. While introducing DLC isn’t the most novel idea, it is one that can help to squeeze extra profits out of a title. The real challenge is creating software that fans want to purchase in the first place.