Lara Croft dated for PC/PSN, DLC announced

“DLC,” in the heads of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light developer Crystal Dynamics, stands not for ‘downloadable content’ as we’ve known for many years now, but Downloadable Lara Croft.

Along with that little oddity, the studio’s today announced that the top-down adventurer’s debut on Xbox Live Arcade later this month marks the beginning of what they call a Downloadable Lara Croft campaign.

Following the XBLA release on August 18 will be the September 28 launches of both the PC and PlayStation Network versions, as well a free update that adds online co-op play to the Xbox version (offline co-op at launch only).

After that, there’s actual DLC in store. Namely, 5 of them.

The first three will deliver ‘new puzzle and combat experiences’ along with new areas to explore, while the other two will be “playable character packs” that allow players to go through the entire game with “some other well-known videogame characters…” The teases.

The DLC releases will start in October and wrap up before year’s end. No exact dates or pricing yet.