Console memory was a struggle for Bulletstorm dev

Polish development studio People Can Fly has revealed that it was a struggle to port PC-developed shooter Bulletstorm over to the Xbox 360 and PS3 because the consoles didn’t have enough memory to run early builds of the game.

Speaking in a recent interview with CVG, studio boss Adrian Chmielarz reveals: “It’s not the console power that we’re fighting the most – it’s the memory. And it doesn’t matter if it’s PS3 or 360. It’s that we have so much content, we’re struggling to just fit it all in – like half a Gig of memory.”

Fortunately, it looks like PCF has resolved the issue as Chmielarz says that the three versions are now the “same thing,” hopefully indicating there won’t be much quality degradation between the PC and console releases when they hit eventually store shelves in February 2011.

To get a little taster of how the game will play, check out the six-minute Bulletstorm walkthrough.