Black Ops multiplayer teaser, now with R/C cars and clip recording

Call of Duty games are great single-player experiences, but if record-breaking map packs aren’t tipping you off, everyone’s in it for the multiplayer. So on that note, everyone’s dying to know what will be new for Black Ops.

Today we can wonder a little less, because this teaser reveals a few of the new components.

What will probably catch your eye first is a Gears of War-esque crossbow complete with explosive arrows and beeping countdown. Also in there is someone controlling an explosive R/C car, one player actually diving out of harm’s way (0:35 mark), and a tail end showing what appears to be some sort of video recording feature.

Also in the video is mention that a “full reveal” of the multiplayer in the game will happen on September 1. While the video’s a mere 1:25 in length, its looking like it should have enough changes to keep things interesting for everyone while maintaining the same arcade pace we all love. Make it happen, Treyarch.

Here’s looking forward to September 1st to tease us until the full release on November 9th.