ICO’s Fumito Ueda promises ‘something’ to show at TGS

Lots of great things happen once a year: Christmas, birthdays, labor day weekend, the Madden and Guitar Hero series, etc. Now it looks like you might be able to add “Fumito Ueda speaking” as one of these annual occurrences, as the man behind upcoming The Last Guardian promises “something to show” for this year’s upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

Ueda recently tweeted in response to a fan’s prying question of whether Ueda’s Twitter was real or fake, with the post ending with the words: “We should be able to show something at Tokyo Game Show, so look forward to it.”

With The Last Guardian being the only known project Ueda has in the oven, combined with the fact that we haven’t caught wind of anything regarding the game since last year’s TGS, the time seems to be ripe for some new info on the happy/sad-looking game.

While Ueda doesn’t specifically name The Last Guardian, the TGS reappearance of the upcoming title is still heavily implied. Stick around and see if our suspicions are in line with Ueda’s plans when TGS rolls around September 16th.