Microsoft has yet to Kinect the little guy

According to reports from Digital Spy last week, Microsoft has “no current plans for Kinect support with Xbox Live Indie Games.” This comes as little surprise for a piece of fledgling hardware that is trying to establish itself with something a little more familiar to the genre of motion control. However, don’t fret for the eventual inclusion of smaller developers is being considered.

“Opening up Kinect development to XNA Creators Club members is something we may consider in the future, but no plans can be confirmed at this time,” added the Microsoft spokesperson.

Kudo Tsunoda, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, provided some reassurance during an interview with Edge magazine.

“Whether you’re building an indie, XBLA game or retail packaged console game, very little of the time, energy and cost that you spend on the title comes down to the controls,” said Tsunoda. Continuing down the track of reassurance, he also pointed out, “Kinect is no more cost prohibitive than developing on anything else.”

While no release date was yet disclosed, for now it looks as though it’s time to dust off the ol’ sports n’ fitness archetype for another round. If that doesn’t float your boat, you could always learn to dance with everyone’s favorite personality who doesn’t know what “German” is.