Ace Combat is reborn with Assault Horizon

If you don’t know much about flying games (so 98% of the gaming population), then it’s very hard to write much about a new Ace Combat coming out other than “A new Ace Combat is coming out”. With that in mind; a new Ace Combat is coming out. Uh… titled Ace Combat Assault Horizon, we can look forward to lots of combat on the horizon.

In all seriousness though, developer Project Aces is treating this new entry as a rebirth for the series. At least that’s how Kazutoki Kono, Producer and Executive Director on the project, puts it:  “For us, this is a rebirth of our premiere franchise, Ace Combat. It’s a chance for us to take the player in a completely new direction”; flying games can cover pretty much every direction, so I’d like to see how they tackle that one.

The game also marks the series’ return to PlayStation, as it will release on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, unlike the last title.

We’ll see Assault Horizon in 2011.