Double Fine partners with THQ

Double Fine’s next project is readying for release; last month, studio head Tim Schafer revealed that the post-Brütal Legend Double Fine had four smaller games in the works, all of whom had secured publishers. The first of those titles, a downloadable adventure/RPG titled Costume Quest, has now been announced, and it will be released in partnership with publisher THQ this fall.

The game depicts players as young trick-or-treaters who are tasked with collecting items and taking on quests with the goal of reaching Combat Mode, in which they’re turned into gigantic versions of their own costumes, superpowers included, after which monsters in suburban neighborhoods, shopping malls, and a carnival better beware.

“We wanted to make a big impression with these, our first downloadable games ever,” Schafer says. “So we are coming out swinging with two great adventures from two of the most creative minds in the company.”; Double Fine lead animator Tasha Harris came up with the concept.

The second game Schafer mentions will also be released in cooperation with THQ. It’s an unnamed third-person adventure game set for early 2011.