Batman: Arkham City story details revealed

Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City is dipping into John Carpenter’s story well according to the upcoming issue of Game Informer, which reveals the story behind Gotham’s prison without bars.

For the upcoming sequel, the UK-based developer has fast-forwarded a year from the events of the first game, with Arkham Asylum warden Quincy Sharp now the mayor of Gotham City. And what better way to earn the love of his constituents than to purchase a huge chuck of the city’s slums to house all the criminally insane prisoners left homeless by Joker’s Titan-enhanced escapades, leaving them to fend for themselves Thunderdome-style within its guarded walls. Come next term, his opponents’ political ads will write themselves.

In addition to the new setting, Arkham City will feature a slew of villains fresh from Batman canon. Two-Face will join “other key villains” fighting Joker for control of the inmates, with evil shrink Doctor Hugo Strange heading the facility and feline fatale Catwoman serving as love interest and sometimes ally to the Caped Crusader. Batman will also be getting help in the form of new gadgets (Bat Claw for grabbing hard to reach goodies) and new moves (projectile counter for bitch slapping thrown knives and pipes), which he’ll need to combat the more varied enemies, more complex Riddler puzzles, and more numerous side quests.

“We want to top everything that we did in the last game,” director Sefton Hill told the magazine. “We didn’t want to do an Arkham Asylum 1.5. We want to make the same jump we made from nothing to Arkham. We want to make that same jump again for Arkham City – the same level of ambition.”