Borderlands is back in Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC

It’s been a while but Borderlands isn’t done yet, with Gearbox prepping its fourth DLC add-on pack for September.

Titled Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, the pack is set to bring the usual amount of gunplay and weirdness to the Borderlands world throughout more than 20 missions.

You might remember the Claptraps as the only character in Borderlands without an attitude problem, but now even they are coming after you. You have to team up with the Hyperion Corporation (yes the guys that try to kill you a lot) in order to defeat this army of evil midget robots, led by the even eviler (if that’s a word) Ninja Assassin. Pretty standard in the world of Borderlands, then.

There’ll be Claptrap variants of all the usual enemies too, along with new bosses, ten new skill points, and three more backpack slots.

The pack will hit PS3, 360, and PC for the same price as previous DLC. So that’s 800 MS points or $9.99/£6.29 for PS3 and PC owners. We’ve also got two screens to entice you.