Clean Zombie Cow’s Privates and get their entire back catalog free

Zombie Cow’s STD-shooting side-scroller, Privates, was release for free on PC last week chock full of bugs, and I’m not talking the discharge-oozing denizens of slutty people’s private parts that comprise a majority of the game’s cannon fodder.

The Britain-based developer has already released an update to take care of the performance problems, but just to be safe – ’cause safety’s what this game is all about – they’re running a promotion through the weekend giving away their entire game catalog to anyone who can find a bug in the latest version. Describe the details of the bug on the studio’s blog comments, along with a valid e-mail address, and you’ll be sent a link to download every game in the developer’s short but oh so sweet game-making history, including Cruxade, Gibbage, Ben There, Dan That! and the ever excellent Time Gentlemen, Please.