TDU 2 slips, beta dates soon

Eden Games’ Test Drive Unlimited 2 needs more time in the pit; the game’s official site informs that the open-world sequel has been delayed to next year.

Previously scheduled for a late September release, the racer is now on for Q1 2011. Why? Wax on, wax off, of course.

“Since locking down the final features, some months ago, we have been busy getting the bugs out of the game, polishing all of the features to make the game as fun as possible, and ensuring that we deliver a robust and reliable online service from the day we go live,” reads a joint message from Eden and publisher Atari. “We’re at the point now where we have a pretty solid game, which is fun and could be launched shortly. However, with a few extra months of polish it could be even better. ”

Fresh dates for the beta testing, the applications for which have been open since May, are promised “shortly,” along with “exclusive beta tester rewards.”