DJ Hero 2 dev diary talks Empire Mode

The one thing that was very noticeably missing in the first DJ Hero game was the lack of any sort of a career mode. Thankfully this omission is being rectified though a new game mode called Empire Mode which we will see in DJ Hero 2.

Essentially the new mode is the missing career mode where you’ll create a custom character and see it through a hopefully flourishing DJ career. You’ll also create a custom club brand that you’ll promote and tour under, garnering fame in the biggest party cities like London and Berlin. The better you get, the more gear and club decorations you’ll unlock, turning your brand into a party centrifuge. As you progress in your career and your popularity rises and you’ll eventually get stars like Deadmau5 to open up for you in your club. This addition alone gives DJ Hero 2 some much needed depth that the first one lacked, and we’re definitely excited about that.