Updated / Matthew Fox to be cast as Commander Shepard?

Update: Alright everyone, hang on a sec – looks like Mr. Fox is far from a sure thing from playing the man who laughs in the face of the Geth.  Behind IMDb Pro’s paywall, Fox is merely listed as “rumored” for the role (Cheers, David).

The only other rumored cast member is Jillian Murray as Liara. However, it’s entirely possible, and indeed probable, that these rumors represent nothing more than wishful thinking. The silver lining? I bet you never thought you’d see a dripping wet Matty Fox on TVGB. So, sit back, relax, and continue to bask in his Foxness.

Original story: Party of Five and LOST’s Matthew Fox is, somehow, someway, involved with the forthcoming Mass Effect motion picture.  How do we know? Just check out his IMDb page, where you’ll see his name attached to the still in development film adaptation of the wildly popular BioWare space RPG.

We’re hoping that Fox is being considered for the lead role of Commander Shepard. Let’s face it – Fox has plenty of experience playing tall, charming, stubble-wearing characters who travel the classic hero’s journey and grapple with morality and the duality of man along the way. Also, the dude’s got the same haircut as Shepard.