Realtime Worlds “fully committed” to APB, despite redundancies

Realtime Worlds insists it remains “fully committed” to APB after laying-off a rumoured 60 employees.

Earlier today it was reported that RTW had made the entire staff of its newly-announced social game Project: MyWorld redundant, and was looking to sell APB on. Rumours had also been circulating that the studio had gone bust.

However, many of these rumours were unsubstantiated. While a source close to the project confirmed MyWorld redundancies, talk of RTW bankruptcy and the sale of APB is unfounded. Or at least premature.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, Realtime Worlds issued a statement this afternoon saying, “Further to the press release issued on the 7th July announcing the post-launch restructure for APB and expected redundancies, the 30-day consultation period with the affected staff has ended.

“The supporting infrastructure for a game inevitably changes once released, and those staff that couldn’t be redeployed to new projects in the Art, Audio, Coding, Design, Production, and QA departments have regrettably been made redundant.

APB continues to be our primary development focus, and we remain fully committed to the game and its players.”

The statement made no mention of Realtime World’s financial situation, or the ill-fated MyWorld project.