Sonic Colors ‘not for core gamers,’ says lead designer

Sonic Colors is just for kids, according to the game’s lead designer Takashi Iizuka.

In a refreshingly frank interview with British retailer Game (via CVG), Iizuka revealed that the forthcoming Wii and DS titles have been designed with pre-teen gamers in mind.

“We know there are sometimes opinions about control from core gamers,” he said, “but we’re intending Sonic Colours to be played by children of probably between six and twelve years-old.”

“So, with Sonic Colours we have aimed to make a game that everyone can control and have fun in. So, it’s not really a game for the core gamers. If you take the rail grind, it’s something that’s fast, not difficult but is fun to do and looks great. It’s about making a game that’s right for the core audience of the game.”

Iizuka went on to say that old-school Sonic fans shouldn’t feel left out in the cold though, as that’s what Sonic 4 is for.

“I think that there are two types of Sonic players,” he said. “One is the people who have played since the MegaDrive, who are mainly fans of 2D Sonic games and didn’t really play the 3D Sonic games so much. For those gamers Sonic Team will be giving them Sonic 4 so they can pick the Sonic game they want to play.

“The other is the ones who have played 3D Sonic games and felt that the game was too difficult. Sonic Colours is the game for those types of players. It’s still a 3D Sonic game but the controls are more user-friendly; it’s an easy to pick up and play type of game. So through the two Sonic games I feel the needs of both of the two core groups of Sonic fans are being addressed.”

Quite nice when people just talk straight, isn’t it? Sonic Colours hits Wii and DS on Nov. 12, you big baby!