Unleashed with the force, Yoda is

Everybody’s favorite midi-chlorian methuselah will be limping out of LucasArts’ vaults and into Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. This news, coming from the currently underway Celebration V festival is accompanied by the short video above.

The official statement for little guy’s involvement reads something like, “Starkiller, having escaped the clutches of Darth Vader on the planet Kamino, senses something calling out to him from the planet Dagobah. Arriving there, he encounters a familiar face and one of the most powerful Jedi to ever live – Yoda. Outside of the iconic Cave of Evils, Yoda provides Starkiller with crucial insight about the inner turmoil tearing his mind apart and his quest to reunite with Juno Eclipse.”

What does he have to offer young Starkiller? Knowledge he brings, and wisdom to boot, but no confirmation on quick, unannounced bludgeoning.