Tony Hawk: Shred – for kids’ feet only

After getting shredded by critics, the next Tony Hawk board-motion peripheral is setting its sights on a younger, more forgiving audience. Activision has disclosed Tony Hawk: Shred’s “for kids” focus by stating that Shred entices “kids to get off the couch” and that “kids will be actively using their boundless energy while riding as any of Shred‘s pro skate and snowboarders.”

The new rider will combine “an arcade style look and feel,” with (alert: adjective abuse ahead), “over-the-top tricks,” “larger-than-life moments,” “massive drops,” “awesome grabs” and “super long grinds.”

Also new to the game is snowboarding, which has been the plan all along. According to Tony Hawk himself, “when we originally came up with the board motion-controller, we didn’t just have skateboarding in mind, and it’s nice to finally see that idea coming to fruition.”

Parents of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 can look for Shred this holiday season with a hardware bundle price tag of $100. For now, check out the kid-friendly cartoonish screens here.