Crysis franchise to set bar for 3D, says Crytek CEO

With Crysis 2 set firmly in March of 2011, it’s time to get to talking about things we can expect. Already, we have seen some stitched together gameplay, read about the “most advanced” AI ever seen, and gotten a glimpse at a single screenshot from the multiplayer; what more could we want?

3D hype, perhaps?

At E3, the Crytek team announced that Crysis 2 would ship fully prepared for our home 3D experience on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. This, according to CEO Cevat Yerli, is no passing fad.

“As soon as the first affordable 3DTVs arrive I think it’s a no-brainer at that point, everyone will adapt,” he says. “Initially there will be a more hardcore audience. I don’t think every game will be 3D right away, but there will be some high-end production value games that will be 3D and will benefit from it.”

When talking about the future of 3D gaming and the Crysis franchise, it seems that Yerli wants people to develop a sort of Pavlovian response, with his game coming to mind whenever 3D gaming comes to mind.

“We want to make sure people associate the Crysis brand with 3D gaming in the future,” he continues. “But we also want to make sure that it’s for a reason – we want to turn the TV as well as the monitor in to a window into a new world. Once people play in 3D the way we’ve demonstrated, I don’t think you’ll want to not play in 3D ever again.”