Ubisoft & Jade Raymond: 2 reasons to care about Canada

Ubisoft is taking a new, grandiose approach to game development. With their new studio in Toronto Canada, headed by gaming luminary and all-around superheroine Jade Raymond, the company intends to create a development powerhouse. Even though the Toronto branch has just opened, Raymond says, “We want to grow to 800 staff in ten years, we’re on two major projects now, and eventually we’ll be working on five.”

When Raymond says “major projects,” she’s not kidding – one of the two games Ubisoft Toronto is currently toiling away on is the next entry in the Splinter Cell franchise. Though in order to make top games, you need top talent. Raymond is bullish on the studio’s prospects of garnering cream-of-the-crop developers: “If developers have ambition to make triple-A projects, and want to have their place in what is a thriving start-up, the Ubisoft Toronto is the place for them.”

They’ve got the ambition and the talent – how about the coin? Ubisoft is currently planing to invest over $500 million (Canadian) into the Toronto satellite, with the Canadian government signed on as well – the Canucks will invest another $250 million over the next decade, in the hopes that Ubisoft will act as a flagship to spur jobs growth and economic development in the Toronto community at large.