Bethesda becoming somewhat less mysterious about their next project

Other then pointing out the complete lack of usable ladders in their recent games, Maryland-based Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t said much of anything since the launch of Fallout 3. What’s known is that they’re working on a new game, and that was about it until a recent interview at QuakeCon last week where executive producer Todd Howard dished out some new details, but only of the vaguest kind.

It turns out that whatever game the currently 90 member strong development team is working on is actually “pretty far along.” The Fallout 3 producer went on to say that the time between the announcement of the game and the release of the game will be “the shortest it’s been for us”, as there was a eighteen month gap between the announcement and release of Oblivion while the wait for Fallout 3 was more than four years.¬†Howard also confirmed that the game will be released on the current generation of consoles.

As to when we might get some idea of what their new game actually is, Howard remained tight lipped, as he didn’t want to¬†disappoint fans with the announcement of a announcement.