Doom 4 headed for a simultaneous PC/console launch

Doom 4 will see release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously. At least, that’s what id Software is targeting.

“That’s absolutely what we’re thinking,” id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead told Kotaku at QuakeCON 2010 last week. “That would certainly be the hope.”

Doom 3 was released in 2004 as a PC-only title, with a version for the original Xbox following the next year.

As for when the game might actually be released, it’s probably far too early to talk about such things, with even Rage not out for another year and all. But it will most definitely be a shorter turnaround; something creative man Tim Willits pointed out during the event once more: “The Doom group is using the same technology; they are learning from our mistakes and they have assets they can start to test things with. So the plan is that Doom 4 will come out quicker and then the Rage team will start working on something else while Doom 4 is being finished up.”