GameStop accidentally spills beans on Black Ops’ zombie mode

Word’s really starting to spread on what Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to offer the world this November. Most recently was a multiplayer teaser that promised a full reveal on September 1st, then a reveal of Hardened and Prestige editions of the game with the latter sporting a fancy pants R/C car. Of course we don’t know everything, and sometimes people let things slip, like the fact that there will be four Zombie mode maps from World at War packed into the Hardened edition, thus confirming Zombie mode’s presence in the game.

The story goes that an unassuming customer walked into his local GameStop asking about said special editions of the game, and that the employee helping him handed over a pamphlet with information that wasn’t quite meant for the public eye. Among the features it lists in the Hardened edition: “Four exclusive Zombie maps from World at War updated for the Black Ops engine ($15 value).” Activision has gone about trying to shush away the images of the pamphlet, but it’s hard to hold the internet down.

Maybe we weren’t meant to see it, but we still haven’t seen everything. On that note: here’s hoping for more sweet reveals on this game. It has quite the reputation to live up to.