Updated / THQ registers another Red Faction URL

Update: Battlegrounds is indeed a PSN/XBLA title. THQ Digital’s creative director Don Whiteford has confirmed it at GDC Europe 2010 where he showed a bit of it as well; it’s an isometric arena combat title with mechs/tanks/rovers. No dates yet, but expect it before Armageddon as it will contain unlockable goods for its big brother.

Original story: Last week THQ aligned with Double Fine for Costume Quest, and a Guillermo del Toro partnership with the publisher is coming any day now, but that’s not all the company is up to.

THQ has registered RedFactionBattlegrounds.com. What the heck is that? Hard to tell at the moment, but it very well might be the name of the studio’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network spin-off of Red Faction:¬†Armageddon.