Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days DLC gets dated

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days hit North American shelves today,  just a short wait for the August 20 and 26 release dates for Europe and Japan, respectively. Perfect timing, as IO Interactive has announced that the downloadable content will start rolling out August 31.

“We are proud to be able to extend the experience in the coming weeks with more maps, weapons and toys to heighten the tension and pressure of pulling-off a high profile heist,” said Niels Jørgensen, the studio’s general manager.

The DLC will come arrive all over world in three flavors: a Multiplayer Mask Pack, Alliance Weapon Pack and Doggie Bag Pack. Other than bringing new heist locations and more “tools of the trade,” there are no firm details on what each pack will contain. Though the names of the packs themselves might be a hint. I call dibs on the Nixon mask.