Limbo devs talk design philosophy, reveal sales numbers

Microsoft’s annual Summer of Arcade event kicked off with a bang this year as the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer Limbo buzzsawed its way into many gamers’ hearts. The Playdead-developed title has successfully become the latest and greatest indie darling, and lead designer Jeppe Carlsen recently discussed the core values that drove Limbo into the title that it became.

Death is an inevitability in Limbo, but Carlsen sees dying as more of a learning experience than a punishment, calling the game a “Learning by dying game.” Another decision that was made at the start of development was to have a complete lack of a tutorial, text or otherwise.

According to PLaydead, Limbo has sold over 300,000 copies since its launch last month, and if that group of over 300,000 satisfied customers does not include yourself, it’s a group well worth joining.