Project Dust now From Dust, introduces new tech

When Ubisoft first announced this game back at E3, it emerged as Project Dust. Today, with the release of a new video, some screenshots and artworks, the game will be known as From Dust.

From Dust is Ubisoft’s take on a God game and while the concept of the genre is self-explanatory, the concept for From Dust is anything but. The tech demo video above will give you a hint of the idea behind the game, but it does raise more questions than it answers. We can modify our surroundings, but why would we do it? What for? Will there be a reason for doing it? What will happen once we do and how will it affect the rest of the world and the life in it? Or maybe, we’re just reading too much into it… the game is still very new and fresh, and not a whole lot is known about it just yet.

Nevertheless, although it’s a work in progress, showcasing the mechanics of the game is the sole purpose of this first video’s existence, and while our approach to it may be labeled as cautious, we can’t help but be interested and intrigued about the possibilities. And, it looks pretty darn nice… just take a look at the images in the gallery.

From Dust is scheduled for release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Spring 2011.