Realtime Worlds struggling to stay afloat

Just a few weeks ago, things were looking alright for original Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds. They were fresh off the release of APB and were just announcing the innovative Project: MyWorld. Now, however, things could hardly be worse. Not only did rumors of layoffs apparently turn into reality, but the company has had to enter into administration in order to save itself from liquidation.

Begbie Traynor Group, a corporate rescue firm, has stepped in to try to find a buyer for the Realtime Worlds, who insist that through all this, APB is not finished. “We’re completely behind APB,” said studio manager Colin Macdonald, “It’s got huge potential, and we’ll continue to make new content for it.”

That’s good, albeit dubious, news. More uplifting is the fact that giant developer/publisher Activision is stepping in to recruit and offer positions to some of the Realtime workers. Here’s hoping all of the employees land on their feet. Also in need of a pick-me-up is the relatively small group of 50 that is left behind to produce new content for APB.