Armageddon brings the “true spirit” of Red Faction

Red Faction Armageddon had a host of new weapons, enemies and abilities to show off in its impressive Gamescom presentation, but there was one strangely familiar aspect that was staring us in the face the whole time: the setting.

Sure, Red Faction Guerrilla played host to a massive playground of destruction on the surface of Mars, but Armageddon takes us deep underground, much like many areas from the very first Red Faction. We asked Chad Greene, Senior Art Director on the game for developer Volition how the location tied this game and the first together, and what it meant for the sequel.

“I would say it has the true spirit of the first game,” Greene began. “We didn’t actually say let’s get back to the first one. We looked at that and said how can we increase the structure, and destruction was the big key. We looked at the surface gameplay of Guerrilla and said okay if we give the player 15 hours of that same experience, how are they going to take that? Can we keep this world alive and exciting with destruction? So the first natural thing for us was to get it underground, get the gameplay in tighter.”

And we were able to see what he meant; during the demo enemies were breathing down main character Darius Mason’s neck as he struggled against the hordes, creating a vicious, intense atmosphere.

Greene also commented on how going back to this setting benefited the visuals: “Destruction led the visuals and so I took over as Art Director and thought what do I work with here? What do I have? Okay well I’ve got 360 degrees I can put architecture on and I can have some really amazing visuals.”

Not only that, but it seems we won’t be creeping round the tunnels the entire time: “We noticed some really fantastic places on Mars that might be there such as magma environments, ice environments on the polar north and that led to a very exciting visual gameplay path.”

Red Faction Armageddon will find the surface shops in March 2011.