MK vs. SF is “inevitable,” Boon says

In a short NowGamer interview with Mortal Kombat producer Hector Sanchez, it was revealed that series creator Ed Boon once made plans for a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter title ten years ago.

What may be a little more surprising is that after ten years of the dream title refusing to materialize, Sanchez believes that the crossover is not only still possible, but in fact “inevitable”.

Perhaps if enough fans make requests for Blanka to electrify robot-ninjas or for Ryu to actually kill someone, then we may see the unholy crossover soon enough. However, for now we’ll have to settle with the franchises going their separate paths, as Sanchez also promised the next Mortal Kombat to be “the goriest [one] to date”; a promise that sadly isn’t backed by the newly released screenshots below.

Mortal Kombat is currently slated for release in 2011.