Peter Molyneux questions trilogies, possibly outs Fable IV

Ever since the NES, we have encountered the rule of three – an action must be repeated three times in order to complete an objective – during our videogame playing lives, from the first Super Mario Bros. game to more the recent Limbo and Darksiders. So much so that it has become ingrained in our mushy gamer consciousness in that things are typically expected to occur a trio of times. Peter Molyneux has now set his sights on changing even that basic premise of gaming and, in saying as much, has acknowledged the next Fable game in a round-about way.

“I’ve never understood this obsession with trilogies, I love making and spending time in this world,” said Molyneux at GamesCom. “Why wouldn’t I make Fable 4?”

There we have it. Peter Molyneux: trilogy hater, videogame maker.