PS3, Steam on PS3 “incredibly” important to Valve

It seems like it was just yesterday when Valve boss man Gabe Newell called the PlayStation 3 “a waste of everybody’s time.” No more.

As made clear by Newell’s surprise appearance at Sony’s E3 media briefing (video here), the developer’s tune has certainly changed. This is once more evidenced by project manager Erik Johnson’s words from Gamescom this week; the Sony system is “incredibly important” to Valve, he’s told CVG, adding that the developer aims to right the wrongs its previous PS3 releases delivered.

“We don’t feel that the PS3 users had the Valve experience that we like to deliver,” he says. “…we kind of fix everything wrong in the products that we delivered before for the PS3, which we thought were good but weren’t quite the Valve experience.”

The possibility to bring Steam to the system is also of great value to Valve, Johnson added, as that’s how the studio ‘defines a customer having a good experience’. “…it’s the way that we keep talking to that customer over time.”

Valve’s first in-house developed PS3 game is Portal 2, which was dated for February just earlier in the week.