Time Crisis dev had problems balancing camera with Move, feels it has benefits over Guncon

The second that we first saw the PlayStation Move I was thinking, “Here comes a new Time Crisis.” Turns out I was wrong; Time Crisis: Razing Storm isn’t just a new game, it’s also packed in with Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates (a family friendly lightgun game).

Razing Storm itself is using Move to turn into a more fully-developed FPS, letting you move your character with the navigation controller and aim with the bulb on a stick. We saw the game at Gamescom and asked producer Norihiro Nishimura about the difficulties of introducing these mechanics into the game.

“Probably the biggest difficulty was to find a good way to use the camera,” Nishimura said, “you’ll be moving it with PlayStation Move which is hard because in other FPSs you won’t do that. So it was hard to find a balance between the shooting and moving the camera.”

We also asked him what benefits Move had over Guncon, to which he replied: “The PlayStation move is great because it offers the ability for many people to play your game, that’s a very important thing. Also it’s much easier to use Move than Guncon 3 in some scenes, like the mini-games.”

“It’s easier to target when you have a gun shaped accessory though,” he adds, which is why you’ll find aiming reticules on the screen when you play.

The game is aiming for a November release date.