Treyarch confirms post-launch Black Ops mod support

Adding to things that win over PC gamers, like the inclusion of dedicated servers for online play, developer Treyarch has confirmed that they will indeed be offering mod support for their upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The news was delivered on the game’s official forums where a Treyarch developer posting as pcdev confirmed that the shooter will be opened up for modding “sometime post-launch.”

There will be some limitations though, limitations the studio itself is not yet fully aware of: “We do not know yet to what extent you will be able to mod the game. There are some purely technical issues related to engine and internal tool enhancements that do not easily fit the modtools paradigm.”

But that’s all post-launch hullabaloo. For now, the studio remains “completely focused on finishing the game,” the developer added.

Black Ops launches worldwide on November 9th.