The MMO Round-Up / Aug 22

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Check out the space combat preview for Star Wars: The Old Republic as it’s pretty darn sweet.

Details on World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s $79.99 collector’s edition were revealed this week.

Kingdom Under Fire II shows off a multiplayer PVE trailer, so much shiny!

Dungeons and Dragons Online update 6 is now available and there are some bonuses in effect as a result.

The latest expansion Going Rogue for City of Heroes released this week with a new trailer to boot.

This week having been the week of Gamescom there was no shortage of trailers, including this one from TERA.

Wait, another trailer you say? Yes, this one is from LEGO Universe, and it’s pretty rad.

It seems that the official launch for the free-to-play version of Lord of the Rings Online will be available on Sept 10.

Advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, what’s that you ask? Check it out here and be enlightened.

The winner of best online game at Gamescom, Guild Wars 2 showed off a demo video at the game conference.

Details on the Final Fantasy XIV collector’s edition emerge.

A new RVR pack was announced this week involving the Skraven for Warhammer Online.

Some significant UI updates as well as other awesome things can be seen in the GU57 for Everquest II.

A teaser site opens up for the latest part for Final Fantasy XI’s mini expansion Scar of Abyssea.

Paragon Studios talked with Gamasutra this week about how they’ve been able to keep City of Heroes a success.

NCsoft is being sued for making their game Lineage II allegedly too addicting. Personal responsibility, what’s that?

Queue up your o-face as Vigil Studios dropped the first peak into Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium gameplay.

Cryptic and its game Champions Online are quickly approaching the game’s one year anniversary and they have some stuff planned for the celebration.

Blizzard won their suit against a private World of Warcraft server operator for a staggering $88 million.

Now former Cryptic Chief Creative Officer Bill Roper has jumped ship once again.

Microsoft announced this week that they’re making an Age of Empires MMO.