Vanquish demo debut set for early Sept

Vanquish, the first Shinji Mikami title under the PlatinumGames brand, will make its PSN and XBLA demo debut in Japan on Sept. 2. Producer Atsushi Inaba revealed a set of demo features to Gamespot Japan and Andriasang provided a helpful translation.

“Vanquish Official Demo – Velocity Attack” will allow players to test-run a prologue sequence, casual and normal difficulty settings, an auto-aim feature and a boss battle against Argos.

And if you’re among the lucky Tokyo Game Show attendees on Sept. 16, you’ll get to check out a different demo that includes additional playable areas and a stage where a surprising mystery character appears.

While the release date for the English language version of the demo is still TBD, the full figured version of Vanquish will debut in North America on Oct. 19, Japan on Oct. 21 and in Europe on Oct. 22.