“Major graphic overhaul” for Medal of Honor’s multiplayer

Medal of Honor‘s now-ended multiplayer beta was kind to DICE; according to publisher EA’s community manager Matthew Pruitt, the information gathered from participants has allowed the developer to make a number of significant changes, the most notable of which is a promised “major graphic overhaul.”

According to Pruitt, the visuals have been “overhauled and upgraded,” and the multiplayer component of the modern shooter now looks “even more spectacular than before.”

As for actual gameplay: improvements have been made to hit detection, downed enemies’ weaponry can now be picked up, the unlock tree has been expanded, the characteristics of every weapon have been tinkered with etc.

Crashes and connectivity issues are said to have been eliminated as well.

The game’s out this October, and not without its controversies; 12th in North America, 15th in Europe.