PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies heading for DS, out January 11′

King of casual games PopCap today announced that their million dollar hit Plants vs. Zombies will be arriving on Nintendo’s portable system in January 2011, at a suggested retail price of $20. That’s a whole lot of green awesome for the people.

The Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes will of course be part of the DS adaptation, as well as mini-games and new, fresh exclusive content, none of which has been revealed yet. After all, we’re still months away from its release and that would be misusing the power of hype.

However, if you want to make plants spit seeds at evil-infested zombies sooner rather than later, and happen to own an Xbox 360, keep an eye out for the release of the game on Xbox Live Arcade on September 8th in all its HD glory at 1200 MS Points.