Gearbox bringing its new stuff to PAX

Some of Borderlands and Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox’s doings will be revealed at PAX Prime next week, the event schedule (via) has revealed.

All details are being held back for now, but attendees of the studio’s panel next Sunday afternoon are said to be in for “never before seen footage of upcoming Gearbox releases…juicy exclusives, surprising disclosures, unbelievable scoops and behind the scenes access.”

The developer is currently known to be working on Aliens: Colonial Marines for publisher Sega and the fourth piece of downloadable content for last year’s loot hit Borderlands. According to its website, the studio also has three unannounced projects in the cooker.

Recent rumors have placed the troubled Duke Nukem Forever in the studio’s hands as well; when this was first heard of earlier this month, CEO Randy Pitchford indicated that PAX may shed some light on the matter.