Get ready for more Halo Mountain Dew, Doritos

Remember those Halo-branded Mountain Dews? Best get ready for more; the marketing campaign for Halo: Reach will out-do that of Halo 3.

An AdAge report reveals that included in the marketing spend — the biggest videogame campaign ever for Microsoft — are live-action shorts, an actual robot that will build a Noble Team monument, as well as Reach-branded beverages and chips for which Microsoft has once again partnered with PepsiCo; 300 million bottles of Mountain Dew and 30 million bags of Doritos will be produced.

Just how much Microsoft will be spending goes undisclosed, but Halo 3‘s $6.5 million be bested.

See above for the first of the mentioned live-action shorts. It’s the first in a series meant to, according to Microsoft, “capture a poignant snapshot of life on the planet Reach just before the arrival of the dreaded Covenant.”