New Super Street Fighter IV characters to be revealed at TGS

In a recent Twitter post, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that he will be announcing new characters for the arcade release of SSF4 come September 16-19 at the Tokyo Game Show.

Though the possibilities are great in number, given the sheer size of the Street Fighter universe, Ono has expressed several times in the past that he wanted Street Fighter Alpha character R. Mika to make an appearance in SSF4. If any of Ono’s previous desires through Twitter were any indication of things to come, then we may be seeing the strategically dressed wrestler in no time.

The post ends in a bit of a downer, though, as Ono continued to say that he couldn’t comment on whether the new fighters will come to the console version or not. Looks like we’ll have to be a little more patient on that front.

In addition to Ono’s post, assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano put out a challenge, asking fans if they could recognize a “mysterious shadow between Juri and Hakan” which is no doubt tied to the pending news of new characters. The silhouette provided by Ayano is as vague as ever, but if mysteries are your kind of thing then by all means investigate and share your predictions.