Kinect gets accessorized

Microsoft’s Kinect is set to release this November in all its hands-free, motion controlling, shiny black finish goodness. So far, we know how the thing works and what sort of games to expect at launch; what we haven’t known is what else we can add to the sensor to make it fit into our living rooms. Thanks to PDP, that has changed.

Shown off at E3, and just now priced, PDP plans on launching several officially licensed accessories for Kinect in order to make things a bit less unsightly. The company has announced that a sensor wall mount will be available for $14.99 with a VESA spec’d┬átelevision mount weighing in at $39.99. Those of us who don’t want to put holes in our walls, or slap anything on top of our TV sets, aren’t left out as PDP is making a floor stand available for $29.99. The manufacturer will also have a cable extender for $49.99, giving the Kinect an extra 9 feet of cabling.