New Yakuza ad teases “The End”, is this goodbye for Kazuma?

If, like me, you’re a big Yakuza fan (of the games, not the actual gang) then you might be sad to learn that the latest advert for the next PS3 entry teases that this could well be the last game in the series. However seeing as the franchise has been spurting out annual sequels for the past few years, maybe it’s a good idea to give it a bit of a breather.

It looks like the series is going out with a bang though, or rather the aftermath of a bang that’s ruined Kamurocho, the iconic setting for the games. The streets of a once bright and energetic city are now lined with rubble and debris; what could have happened to Kazuma and co?

It’s all eyes on TGS now, where we’ve seen full reveals of Yakuza games in both 2008 and 2009. We know a few facts already, but what else do Sega have up their sleeves? And what the hell is it even called?