Take-Two fails to acquire BioShock.com from current owner

It would appear that publisher giant Take-Two has had a bit of a setback as far as the BioShock franchise goes. The publisher has made an attempt to try and secure the BioShock.com domain from current owner Name Administration Inc., a professional domain name purchaser, for its highly acclaimed franchise. This without success unfortunately.

Name Administration bought the domain in 2004, just a few months after rumors of the first BioShock game surfaced. However, failure on T2’s part to explain why Name Administration is using the domain in bad faith became the reason WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) denied T2 the domain transfer; it was purchased before the BioShock name was actually a registered trademark or even associated with T2 at all, which did not happen until 2005.

It was a hard lesson learned, but the fact that developer Irrational Games is in sole possession of BioShockInfinite.com now proves that advances in the domain registration process have been made within the companies involved, so unless you really want to get a view of the cyber-squatting going on at the “fake” bioshock sites, you should stick to the Infinite one.