Valve would “love” to bring Steamworks to Xbox 360

Ever wanted to make a Left 4 Dead mod and play it with your friends over Xbox Live? So would Valve. The developer is all about getting an open gaming environment, with Steamworks for the PS3 coming soon, and would “love” to have Xbox 360 players onboard as well.

“Yeah. We think customers would like [Steam on Xbox 360],” senior project manager Erik Johnson said at Gamescom last week. “We think, anyway. We’d love to try that.”

Even so, Valve isn’t holding back Steamworks for the Xbox for some arbitrary reasons. That issue lies directly in Microsoft’s hands, with their closed system not allowing for any outside content. Personally, I find it a good policy, but am withholding final judgement until the PS3 version rolls out with Portal 2 in February.