First Mega Man Online trailer is intense

Capcom and Pmang put out a teaser trailer for Rockman Online today in full, stunning anime presentation. One word does need to be kept in mind when watching the trailer, though: techno–Drill Man’s theme from Mega Man 4 to be exact–and loads of it.

The trailer is, for lack of a better description, pretty intense; robots are rioting all over the city, a biological infection of sorts is spreading over the skies, Dr. Wily is maniacally laughing, and Mega Man is having an epic sky battle with Proto Man.

A lot of familiar faces can also be seen throughout this trailer, as the robot masters from the first Mega Man game, Bass, Roll, Dr. Light, and even a few characters from the Megaman X series make an appearance as well.

Despite the teaser being as exciting as it is, the game is currently exclusive to South Korea with no word yet on whether we’ll be seeing the game in the west.