Sony hopeful of PS3 repeating, surpassing PS2’s success

PlayStation 3 could one day out-do the success of PlayStation 2 and become Sony’s most successful console yet, CEO Kaz Hirai is hopeful.

Speaking in a recent interview, the executive expects the PS3 — currently 38 million units sold — to surpass the PS2’s 146 million by 2016.

“The high point, looking back at our console business, has been PS2,” Hirai’s told MCV.

“For PS3, that is one level of success we’d like to emulate and hopefully surpass at the end of the ten-year lifecycle.”

Helping the system reach the lofty goal is the restructuring of SCE’s Japan HQ into three separate business units — consoles (PS2/PS3), handhelds (PSP) and accessories — and improving its international focus when it comes to business decisions. “If it’s right for Japan it’s probably not right for the rest of the world,” Hirai noted.