Steam stats say 5% play on Mac

By now, Steam’s popularity within the PC gaming community is nothing short of what we like to call, huge! But that doesn’t mean Mac owners are left out entirely. In fact, since the platform launched on OSX back in June this year, there’s been a, let’s call it “a development,” of OSX-powered gamers using Steam as their main source for gaming.

In its first month, statistics showed that 8.13 per cent of all machines running Steam were doing it on OSX, and while numbers have gone down to 5.07 per cent for the month of July, the drop was mainly due to the increase of PC installs rather than quitting Mac users. The factual drop was only 1.27 per cent.

However, being able to play games natively on OSX rather than using Apple’s Boot Camp to install Windows might trigger developers to port their games for OSX. Just look at StarCraft II or the rumored Battlefield: Bad Company 2 version for Mac.

As far as the hardware utilized goes, laptops grabbed two of the three top spots, with MacBook Pros leading the way with 46.78 per cent, not-so closely followed by iMacs and MacBooks at 23,18 and 20,25 percent respectively.