Playboy launching its own game label

Playboy magazine will soon be peddling more than flesh, having announced plans to start its own game label.

Launching in late 2010, the label will offer “a wide variety of high-quality online video games [to their] ideal gaming audience – avid, online men between the ages of 18-35.” They must be serious about this venture, and I don’t say that just because the press release managed to resist mentioning “coming” and “release” in conjunction with the label’s launch. The adult entertainment juggernaut has already partnered with German web-browser based developer, Bigpoint, to distribute select titles through their website, starting with an All Points Bulletin and Grand Theft Auto clone, Poisonville.

The free to play MMOG will thrust gamers, pun definitely intended, into a fictional metropolis “where crime and corruption rule the streets,” allowing them to compete in various car-jacking, gun-running heavy scenarios that simulate gang warfare. The Playboy connection? Throughout the game, players will encounter “beautiful, Playboy-caliber women.”

In other words, Poisonville‘s hooker population will also be trained in basic patient care?