Secret World dev diary visits London

If you accidentally eat a glowing bug in your sleep you might find yourself suddenly having mystical powers. Surely that is significantly more desirable than the effects of eating too many spicy hot wings, but we’ll leave that to personal preference. The above developer diary video dives a bit deeper into the mysteriousness of The Secret World, showing off some gameplay which we can best describe as World of Wacraft meets Left 4 Dead.

Executive producer Ragnar Tørnquist discusses how each faction will start in different hubs: Dragons in Seoul, Illuminati in New York, and Templars — who we see in this video — in London. Tørnquist also discusses how you’ll get to see and play through your character’s humble beginnings as a fledgling super-human. From what’s shown it seems that The Secret World is shaping up to be a very unique, modern day MMO experience.